Radlader Earth Mover ZW 370 RC4WD JD00069 1:14 RC

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CNC Machined Metal Parts
Molded Steel Bucket
10 Channel 2.4Ghz Radio
Optimized Steel Hydraulic System
Scale Operator Station (can fit a driving figure)
137MM Model Special Tires
Reliable Hydraulic Valve and Adjustable Pump
High Pressure Nylon Hoses (OD 4.5mm , ID 2.5mm)
Powder Coated in Orange
Brushless System (hydraulic)
40A Brushless ESC with BEC
270KV Brushless Monster Torque Motor
Realistic Non Functional Disk Break
Wheel with Planetary Gearbox Built-in
2 Speed Full Metal Transmission (1:64 and 1:16 gear ratio)
Realistic Full Metal Axles
Run Time is: 30 minutes (5000 mAh Battery)
LiPo Cutoff
Scale: 1:14
Length: 27.9in / 710mm
Width: 9.84in / 250mm
Height: 10.5in / 268mm
Wheel Base: 9.92in / 252mm
Maximum Bucket Height: 18.1in / 461mm
Operating Oil Pressure: 3.50 Bar, 50.75 psi
Maximum Bucket Up and Down Angle: 46 to 64 degrees
Maximum Bucket Left and Right Angle: 38 degrees
Maximum Bucket Force: 40kg / 88lbs
Dead Weight: 16.5kg / 36.3lbs
Total Mass Load: 32kg / 70lbs
Theoretical Rise: 15kg (Boom Lift).Theoretical Traction: 30kg
Hydraulic Pump: Flow 0.8 L / MIN, Rated Pressure 2.5 MPA Ultimate Pressure 5 MPA

What's Included:

1x 1/14 Scale Earth Mover ZW370 Hydraulic Wheel Loader

Required Parts:

- 5000mAh 11.1V 50C 3S1P LiPo Battery Pack with XT60 Plug (Battery size must be no bigger than 140mm in length, 45mm in width, and 25mm in height)

- Compatible Battery Charger
- 4x AA Batteries for Radio (Z-S1718)

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